Roma looked great until brown & yellow spots on leaves

mike789rAugust 22, 2013

Roma tomatoes plants from They state that they are resistant to verticillium wilt (V) and fusarium wilt (F).
Planted in late May, grew fantastic up to early August. Height is over 6 foot now.

Starting in early August very lower leaves got the brown spots, then yellow around it. It has slowly spread up to higher and higher leaves and jumped to the next plant after 3-4 days. Then spread to the next plant after another 4 days. Upper leaves on all plants are perfect.

During this time I used dusting sulfur and/or a fungicide called Daconil. Neither worked.

Planted in large garden, full sun from 10 am to 8 pm. Have soaker hose running along them and water for 1 hour each morning unless rain is forecast for the day.

Bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper and banana pepper planted further down the row are all in great shape as is watermelon and pumpkins in same garden.

Soil test in June said very low phosphorus & nitrogen but very high potassium. Used Miracle Grow twice over the summer.

Tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes. Lower tomatoes have scarring or cuts at the top.

Please help. First time I have had tomatoes have problems but first time planting in this garden.



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kimpa(z6b PA)

They probably have early blight. It works from the bottom then up the plant. The time to treat it is earlier in the season either before you see the problem or at least right away. And then you need to spray regularly. A lot of us don't want to use sprays and just don't. Farmers will continue to spray fungicides now but it is not recommended for the home gardener because to won't be very effective. It happens to all of us at some time or another. Fungus spreads from the soil, by wind and by wetness.

After you harvest all you can, throw the plants and debris in the garbage. Plant tomatoes in a different area next year.

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evilscott(USDA=10, Sunset=24)

It does look like early blight. This disease thrives in wet and humid environments, so only water as needed.
I use a product called Serenade (organic). But clean up all the old leaf litter or other debris, and maybe cut back on your watering.

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