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silversword(9A)July 23, 2013

Topless in NY! And it's not illegal...

From the link:

Ladies of New York , you are free to walk bare-breasted through the city! New York City's 34,000 police officers have been instructed that, should they encounter a woman in public who is shirtless but obeying the law, they should not arrest her. This is a good step towards gender parity in public spaces.

This decision means that breast exposure is not considered public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct. It also notes that, should a crowd form around a topless woman, the officer should instruct the crowd to disperse and then respond appropriately if it does not. Relative coverage is no longer a factor.

This policy shift comes after several years of litigation and protest. In the 1992 case People v. Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss, the New York Court of Appeals ruled in favor of two women who were arrested with five others for exposing their breasts in a Rochester park, holding the law void as discriminatory. The ruling was put to the test in 2005, when Jill Coccaro bared her breasts on Delancey Street in New York, citing the 1992 decision, and was detained for twelve hours. She subsequently successfully sued the city for $29,000.

In 2007, Go Topless, a national organization supporting gender equality in shirtlessness laws, established Go Topless Day. Dozens of women protest ��" often topless ��" in thirty cities around the United States, promoting equal rights to be shirtless. Protests usually include chants of âÂÂFree your breasts. Free your mindsâ and a song âÂÂLet âÂÂem Breathâ to the tune of the Beatlesâ âÂÂLet it Be.âÂÂ

While some who have witnessed these events have suggested that "[t]his is extreme liberalism and why AmericaâÂÂs in declineâ or âÂÂ[i]tâÂÂs degrading to women,â others have been supportive. One man even said he would encourage his wife to join them.

Though bare-breasted women might shock the sensibilities of some in the public, it is encouraging to see the police responding positively to gender bias, even on such a seemingly small scale. After all, no one thinks twice about a man shirtless on a summer day. However, the female nipple or chest is still considered âÂÂlewd.â By reminding its officers of this, the NYPD is publicly declaring that it will no longer perpetuate unconstitutional gender discrimination, a standard to which all law enforcement should be held and a decision for which it should be applauded.

Footage of the protesters can be found here (NSFW)


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Well, it's not like we were born wearing clothing... and it's not like the human form is dirty or something.

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There are over 8 million people in NYC. There are 19 million people in the tri-state area. How many naked boobs do you think you will see--maybe 4 (remember, they usually come in pairs, so divide by 2). This is a story for small town America, where 4 naked boobs are a story (maybe even two). Give me a break. LOL!!!! Too much!! Come to NYC if you want, but not for naked boobs! You'll more likely see more at your local 7 Eleven on a slow weekday.

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I think this is rather comical, but I'm all for it. It will never happen in my little community until I'm dead, but who cares.
I've been a few places in this world: Vietnam, Philippines, Tijuana, and recently 5 countries in Central America.
Breast feeding is fairly common (a good thing) and my own daughters did it.
I didn't realize what a prude I was until I was on a standing room only bus in Guatemala and a young family was using me for support while she offered the infant her breast to keep him from crying, I was staring out the window and blushing. After a bad jolt, I looked back and she and her husband were laughing at my embarrassment and the child was staring at the tall man.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Rather ironic the pictures are noted as NSFW but they will not be arrested for walking around topless in public. Admittedly, a woman walking around topless would make me a bit uncomfortable but I also recognize that as my problem.

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My ex spent many formative years in Germany which influenced his ideas of the human body greatly (they're highly open there about showing all body parts, and why not?), and I had no strong feeling on the topic of nakedness. When we had our son, we made it a point not to cover up all the time and called body parts by their right names. And now, I think he has a reasonable idea of correct boundaries. It's not shameful nor should it all be shown all the time to everyone. There are those at both ends of the spetrum here (USA), that's for sure.

I'm glad Ed pressed not to be too prudish. I think it's probably made the boy realize body parts are body parts, and there isn't that young teen boy fascination that can be so prevelant.

It's made him see both genders as a whole person, allowing him to focus on the inside person. Maybe there is something to their thought process? Maybe.

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It will be good for the beaches. I think I posted that my father got a fine for having his shirt off at a NYC beach in the 1930's.
I can't imagine there will be a great rush to go topless on the streets!

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Labrea, shhhhhhhhhhh!!

This is clever attempt to drum up tourism during the August doldrums in the city.

Yes, come to NYC, remember ladies, tops are optional.

P.S., The only ones not wearing any will most likely be frustrated and confused lesbians from Kansas, so might as well just stay home.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Will they be looking for Toto?

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The lollipop guild perhaps!

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

I'm making reservations now...

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LOL Tishtosh, I thought the same thing. NSFW but legal! I think it's great - but I don't think I'd be doing anything topless in public unless it's at the beach.

If I were seeking female attention, I'd go with the Lullaby League.

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Pet name of my mother for breast lollies or dairies!
I wish everyone would just grow up already
Oh my look an ankle I think I'll swoon I need to take a shower! that woman is an animal she'll spread disease to all the fine young clean men.
Oh wait this isn't the Wiener post

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How many naked boobs do you think you will see--maybe 4 (remember, they usually come in pairs, so divide by 2)

LOL I like how you used the word usually. I can't help but think if someone had one or three it make the front cover of the NY Post and wonder what their caption would be. :)

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For something more salacious, and reliable, there is the annual Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn's Coney Island. (Link provided is rated PG.)

P.S., Straight, male tourists should be given a heads up in that not 100% of the mermaids are anatomically correct females.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mermaids on parade

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Oh yes that parades a hoot certainly not for Mayberry!
Lots of wild pictures at Pbase Mermaid Parade Galleries.
None of them are mine!

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Don't kid yourself. Lots of stuff goes down in the 'Mayberrys' of this country!
Not that I'd know, grew up in the big, bad wicked city.

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I got it from International No Pants Day.! Last January sentiments exactly.
I am sooooooo thankful I had a city like Mayberry with
a sheriff like Andy to raise my children.
Our Andy would have rounded all the folks in their undies
up and given them a talking to.
Its where you live.
We had a street festival this summer and some girl thought
she would wear a T-shirt that had no place at a family
festival with children.
She was escorted to the court house and her father was called.
He was furious his daughter's right's were violated.

The daughter lost. The town won.
Its where you live.

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Personally, Steve, I will never fully comprehend the many pandora's boxes within our society, or why we hold on to so many stigmatized taboos, complete with the guilt and embarrassment, or the righteous indignation of those who huff and puff over them and try to keep them swept under the nearest carpet.

I think we'd have less issues if we had less fear and more accessible information of many taboos.

First and foremost, the purpose of breasts, or mammary glands, is the feeding of our newborn offspring. They should not be thought of first and foremost as a sexual thing.

It is my contention that religions have twisted our societies all out of proportion.

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