Are gourds good for SFG?

boodeeradleyNovember 25, 2010

Wanted to plant gourds this year, but I'm thinking I may have to plant them in a different way than SFG. What do you guys think?

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It will depend a lot on what variety you have in mind.

I have grown loufa gourds in a SFG, on a trellis, with good results. The gourd did take over the trellis almost 100%, and I got 2 loufas for my efforts.

Most gourds are sprawling vines that can grow 20 feet or more. Check the particular variety you want to grow and see how big it gets, and try to find out whether it would do well on a trellis. Otherwise you'll be looking at something that will want to venture off into your yard to an extent you might not want.

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