Ripe Tomatoes With Seeds Sprouting Inside

bcskyeJanuary 17, 2011

The beautiful red, ripe tomato I have (store bought) has seeds sprouting inside of it. Some are tiny green stems uncurling and one has what looks like a micro leaf at the end. I have concerns about eating this tomato due to the fact that they are of the nightshade family and you're not suppose to eat anything but the fruit. Am I wrong? I do plan to salvage as many of the unsprouted seeds as possible just to see what would come up this next growing season. So, would you eat the tomato or not?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

There's no problem eating the fruits at all and not even any problem eating those germinated seeds if you wanted to. The several alkaloids are present only in the foliage and in very small unripe fruits, but as the fruits mature the alkaloids also disappear. And it isn't at all uncommon to see seeds sprouted in store bought tomatoes which have been shipped and stored at low temps for long periods of time. Many have shown pictures here of just that.

One can also see germinated seeds from time to time in ripe red/gold bicolor fruits I think mainly b'c the flesh of those is so soft.


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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

This totally freaks me out. I can lug manure, squish a tobacco hornworm, save a spider - but sprouting seeds in a tomato totally freaks me out.

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We have a tomato doing this, never seen it before. I am amazed it isn't even squishy, it's almost 5 weeks old.

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I fermented seeds from a beautiful Virginia Sweet tomato and found after four days, that about half of the seeds had little tails indicating germination. Should I bother saving these for 2012 planting or are they a lost cause?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

the seeds that didnt sprout will be ok to save

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