Heirlooms - dusty brown 'rust' problem?

jtomalleySeptember 17, 2006

I cannot find a picture or description that fits this problem -- it started as a white "angel-hair" covering on the lower leaves and stems of the tomato plant, and now it looks like a rust-colored or brown dust on the leaves and stems. The entire lower part of the plant is fading, but the upper branches are still green and fruiting. Does anyone know what this is??

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of sick tomato plant

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whizzer75(z7 Al)

The "stippled" appearance of some of the leaves may indicate insect damage. I'm particularly sensitive to this because I treated for foliar disease for two years before discovering I had a spider mite problem. Some insects, like spider mites, are practicaly invisible.
Hold a piece of white paper under a branch above the damaged ones and shake it sharply. If you see tiny black or red spots smaller than pepper on the paper you may have mites. It takes at least a 15X magnifying glass to see the details.
Search the forum for Mites and/or insect damage.
Good luck.

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