What's Eating My Tomatoes?

lizzygracepond(7)September 9, 2012

I have tomatoes that are rotting on the vine when getting ripe. I assume is from some sort of hornworm or pickleworm since some of the holes are very tiny. Any opinions are welcome!!! I also have an infestation of caterpillers on my polebeans which I sprayed for a few days ago. I went out to pick, and ended up picking half eaten tomatoes and rotten ones off the vine. Ahh, if it isn't the heat, the early blight, the powdery mildew, the whiteflys, the the... Now, I finally get tomatoes ripening, and they are all going to mush... I don't see any critter claw holes in these tomatoes which leads me to think it is from a worm, but?? Yes, I see poops from the worms, but not sure if it is from the caterpillers or tomato hornworm which I can't find. I did leave a baldface hornets next alone in my yard in hopes it would eat these things, but, I guess they aren't interested!!!

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here is a pict of the caterpiller eating my polebeans (and fall garden)..

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I think i answered my own question, has to be chipmunks,squiirels or critter of some sort. I bet my rotting is from the tomato pinworm. But that caterpiller, die die die!

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