squirrels? blood meal should look pure white !!!

sandysseeds007September 30, 2006

There are packaging out there that states it's Blood Meal and contains about 95% of other darker colored ingrediences listed in a much smaller print on the bag.

Point 1 - Logic dictates if the city monkey is thirsty and you have something that's of a fluid base, city monkeys are going to preserve themselves. Therefore, if you provide a birdbath that they can get into of which they also learn from the birds is a place to drink, they will go there, more often then to your tomatoes. However, it won't keep then from wanting to try something different.

I voach for blood meal. NOT BONE MEAL.

For vegtables. Try to spinkle the leaves and stems closest to the fruit/veg. Only a lil' should do. I've always had an over abundance of tomatoes from my family garden so I've never put blood meal there.

You's might want to try a lil' right on the reachable tomatoes and see how goes. Would be washed off at watering fairly frequently and need to be reapplied every now and then. If anybody knows if this would burn/damage the tomotoe's skin they should leave a follow up. Test 1 or 2 sacrificable tomotoes if your going to try this in the mean time.

They do get discouraged after a month or so, especially if there's a birdbath to turn to to instead.

Flower gardens: Apply it over the ground where you're bulbs are if that's your problem...that's mine. Lots of times, they're just digging to see if there's something to eat under a plant or storing some food for the winter. But ohhh, they do detest the smell of pure blood meal.

The first month or so of foliage growth, during the time your not expecting flowers anyway would be benefitial to have more nitrogen to help grow your plants faster anyway.

Thus, the more Nitrogen the better, at first anyway.-Sandy

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