Unblemished tomatoes on plants with Blight

lori_ny(5)September 2, 2009

About 50% of my tomatoes on the plants have been killed by the Late Blight fungus.

If I pick all the tomatoes that have no blemishes from the late bight, will they still develop it if I ripen them in my house?

I have never had this happen before:( I always get the usual blight and my plants defoliate 75% by frost but the fruits have never been affected.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

You can try that. But likely the tomatoes are already infected but won't show the damage for several days.

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I've been doing just that. Some ripen OK before the blight spots get too big and some don't. Today I made roasted tomatoes to freeze, by cutting out the blight spots on the ripest ones and roasting with garlic and herbs. I salvaged at least a little of my harvest that way (though I would normally be getting tomatoes for another 6 weeks or so, and I may have 3 days left if I am lucky.)

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