Raspberries in raised beds

luvidaho_2010(5/6)November 7, 2010

Hi all,

I am pretty new to gardenweb and very new to raised bed gardening. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this but I figure SFG is the place to start. I am creating a raised bed garden area in my yard. The area is approximately 66'X 64'. All of that space won't be used for raised beds. I have used 2X12 lumber salvaged from the floor of our horse trailer to construct 2 3'X6' raised beds that I plan to put flowers in. Not sure I want to grow veggies in that bed after hauling cattle and horses in the trailer for years. I purchased more 2X12 18' boards from a community building material recycling store. I want to build a 4'X 16' raised bed for raspberries. I realize that I will have to drive stakes along the sides for support. I plan to dig down a bit to put in a weed barrier of some sort-maybe newspaper- to stop runners and put down chicken wire to discourage gophers.

Has anyone had experience growing raspberries in this type of bed? I read on a thread on GW that suggested growing raspberries in partial shade, I thought they needed full sun to do well.

I also plan to have a separate bed for strawberries that will be smaller. I have several livestock water tanks that are rusted so thought I would partially bury a couple in the ground and put rock around them to disguise them a bit. I enjoy looking at other gardeners ideas for recycling materials that otherwise would be discarded so please share your ideas, pictures are great! At the same recycle store I found large chimney liners that I am dying to use in the garden. Maybe grouped together at varying heights as planters, a water feature, or glue some stepping stones to them for a series of tables?

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I would not bother with a raised bed for the raspberries unless you have poor drainage. Even temporary waterlogging can be bad news.
Optimally, raspberries should get full sun, and the rows should be planted North to South, so that they get they get the morning sun on one side, and the afternoon sun on the other. But half a day of sun is okay, and they should do well. But don't put them under a tree canopy, as the trees will compete with them for water, and there will be too much shade.

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