Need Disease Input Please......

cugal(5b-6a NE Ks)September 15, 2013

Did everything possible to avoid any disease issues..... So what is this? Garden, raised beds, & container tomatoes all have it, so apparently it's air borne.....

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kimpa(z6b PA)

Early blight starts on the lower leaves and works its way up. It is wind borne and can remain on seeds. It happens! Some years are better than others... Fungicides can be sprayed before or at the first sign of disease. But you have to keep spraying regularly. At this point in the growing season or if disease has really taken hold it is not advisable to spray. Just harvest what you can and start again next year.

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cugal(5b-6a NE Ks)

Thanks kimpa for your input! I originally was calling my problem early blight, but another forum member saw it as gray mold. The google pics of gray mold didn't seem to fit........ Irrelevant at this point...... I've grown tomatoes for 30+ years but the last several years have been terrible in terms of fungus. I spray a fungicide weekly from the very start. Seems I'm throwing good money after bad........

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