Yellow leaves and aphids in potted tomatoes

jbcamelOctober 1, 2013

I'm growing orange and red grape tomatoes in pots on my deck. Early on I noticed aphids. I asked my local nursery for an organic cure and they suggested Bonide. I bought some but it doesn't look organic to me. It did work for the aphids, but next year I definitely want to go organic. What should I try? Is there an organic spray?

Also, my plants have been plagues with yellow leaves all season. We did get lots of rain this summer so maybe that's the problem. I have been fertilizing with Miracle Gro. Should I use something else?

Finally, will there be aphid eggs in my dirt if I use it again next year? It was very expensive, organic mix and I'd like to reuse it. It will be out on my deck for the winter where it will get very cold. Sometimes into the single digits. Would this kill any aphid eggs?

All help appreciated.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)
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