TomatoHead160(z10)October 1, 2005

Does anyone use a fungacide that they rave about? (Preferably one u can buy easily) but more importantly one u would rave about?

Thank you,


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I think the best fungicide for tomato fungal foliage diseases is Daconil, aka chlorothalonil.

Synthetic, yes, but also low toxicity, even lower than Rotenone which is deemed organic, and can be sprayed until the day of harvest.

The best Daconil prep to get is Ortho Garden Disease Control with about 29% active ingredient. There are other brands as well, just make sure you get one that has about 29% active ingredient before dilution.


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Thank you Carolyn.

I will look for that product. Do u know off hand if I can get it pre-mixed?


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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

Do u know off hand if I can get it pre-mixed?

Tomatohead, I'd second Carolyn's recommendation to go with the Ortho Garden Disease Control (Daconil). It is rather easy to locate and purchase. Just about any box store or garden center carries it.

I wouldn't recommend pre-mixed. It would be rather storage inefficient to get pre-mixed unless you just have one or two plants. Also, I'd be concerned that it may not be at the proper concentration. Plus, it's going to be harder to find than Ortho Daconil and probably more expensive per use. Too many factors and "if's" to mess with, imo.

It's easy enough to mix up yourself -- usually one tablespoon per gallon of water (but I suggest you read and follow the instructions yourself). You can use a tank sprayer to apply it. Be sure and cover all surfaces of the plants and reapply as recommended per instructions -- Daconil works by creating a barrier.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ortho product guide

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Thank you suze9, your input and url link is greatly appreciated!!


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