Fusarium in a Self watering container?

beth11(z7 southern MD)October 23, 2011

Hi All,

I had the brilliant idea to put my eartboxes out in the garden this year. Not so brilliant. My Marianna's Peace keeled over rapidly after fruit set with Fusarium wilt! Now, my garden soil does contain (confirmed) Fusarium oxysporum. But I put black fabric on the raised bed and then the eartboxes. Didn't use any garden tools. Brand new soilless potting mix which was covered. How the heck did Fusarium get in my container? I remember Craig had it happen as well, wind borne? Can fungus spores penetrate the porus black fabric? Any thoughts? I had no problem at all with my earthboxes on the patio near the house.



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Yes, Dry fungus spores can go airborne and are plenty fine enough to penetrate porus fabric. Moisture normaly keeps them down but later brings them back to life after they've been relocated. Agrevating, isn't it?

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