Gardening newbie going with square foot gardening in Tasmania

mariahswind(z10 Tasmania)November 6, 2013

Greetings from Tasmania. I am new to seriously gardening and want to use square foot gardening from the get go! I have a sloping back yard with a 15-16 foot long existing trellis thats about 5 ft high this trellis faces east. I want to use it as the foundation of my plan. It also is at the bottom of the slope. I would estimate the slope as abt 20deg. I was thinking 2 ft along this length, or possibly 3 if others think it will be easy to manage that width. On each side I am planning 3x8ft which will have no trellis on them. Then possibly in the middle of this elongated u shape another 3x8ft . I wanted experienced square foot gardener's opinions on the management of these sized/shaped blocks and the fact that the trellis is facing east instead of the desired north (southern hemisphere). Thank you in advance for your advice. Do I need to add twine to the trellis its timber lattice panels

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