Transplant Wilt treatment question.

ConfusedTurkeyNovember 21, 2012

I have a quite large cherry, in a greenhouse, that I recently transplanted because it looked like it could use more room. Well, after transplanting it started to wilt. At first, I wasn't too alarmed for I was used to this plant wilting during the day after transplants, and perking up at night. The problem is I can not really tell if it needs more water or is over watered. The wilting is starting to persist through the nights now and death seems to be on its way by looking at the leaves on the top of the plant. For good measure, today I brought the plant inside just to lessen the intensity of the sun and wind. Anyway, I guess my real question is what do guys suggest I do? and also is it okay to mist the leaves of a plant that may be over watered? Thanks guys. I feel pretty bad as this was the best plant I had in the garden. At least I'll learn from this.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The plant lost the majority of its roots when you dug it up. If it's still alive, water as needed.

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is there any known method to combat bacterial wilt apart from grafting.i grow hydroponic tomatoes.very often i face this problem.please advise .thanks

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