Any clue what this is?

everythingirl1November 19, 2008

Hi, I planted several tomato plants for the first time using a Japanese Tomato Ring. The plants are over 5' high and have shown tremendous vigor. They are full of tomatoes (none ripe yet, though). The spot I planted them in has not had other tomato plantings before.

I have fought with bacterial blight early on and then lots of tomato fruitworms. BT-K helped with the fruitworms and I used copper for the blight.

Lately, what I thought was the blight early on seems to have returned. Older leaves are developing brown, necrotic(?) spots, the leaves dry up and the stem eventually turns yellow and falls off. What is this and what can I do at this point (plants are full of fruit and still blooming). Also, I try to go as pesticide/chemical free as possible so I am open to alternative methods.....

Here are pics:


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I found the photos and immediately thought of tomato spotted wilt virus, because of your location in fl.
Knowing the variety might would help. Below is a link I've posted in the forum before as it defines by picture. I'm curious so if you do a followup I'm sure the community here would appreciate it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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