Brandywines rotting

sandaidh(western NY)November 8, 2006

This is the first time that I've tried growing Brandywine tomatoes. The plants grew beautifully and produced an abundance of green tomatoes. But the cold weather threatened too soon to harvest any vine ripened ones, so I harvested the green ones. Several were just starting to turn color when picked, and I eagerly anticipated my first taste of a Brandywine. And then...the tomatoes developed a greenish-brown spot near the stem, which spread and the tomato rotted before it could finish ripening. This also happened with most of the green tomatoes as well. Consquently, I've had to discard most of the tomatoes, which was most disappointing. I have finally gotten three tomatoes to ripen without rotting first. I've never seen this before on my tomatoes and am wonder what it is. Is it something particular to Brandywines? Could it have been caused by the weather, a fungus, pest, or...? Here's a picture of one of the 'infected' tomatoes. As you can see it was nearly ripe. It went to rotting mush rather quickly.

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If that's cracking at the stem end that I see, it's probably just bacteria introduced though the cracks. It's not particular to Brandywines, any cracked tomato can have this problem, but Brandywines are prone to cracking after heavy rains. Hope that helps, at least somewhat.


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