growing rice in SFG?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)November 18, 2011

This post is for future reference; I know I can't grow it where I'm currently at. The growing season isn't long enough and it's not warm enough here.

I know that SFG has been converted to square foot meters and used to help people around the world in rural areas grow enough food for their families and villages.

Since rice is a staple worldwide, I know this is included.

So, if they can grow a large enough amount of rice to feed their family and/or village, wouldn't this be possible for home gardener? This is provided their growing season is long enough, and climate is warm enough.

So, is it really possible to grow rice practically and realistically, or is it just not feasible and more trouble than it's worth.

Place where I'd like to do SFG is zone 9 or 10 in southern FL.

The varieties (if I can find them) for rice I'd like to grow are....




Normal long grain white

Japanese short grain

Hypothetically if you're using a normal 4 x 4 SFG box, how many rice plants per square, and how much would you yield in lbs. per rice plant?

This would start out as a project, but if it's really feasible to grow enough rice for myself, I'd like to be able to do this.'

The one other question I have is about Mel's Mix. It was designed so it's 'impossible to overwater' whatever you're growing in it.

However rice LIKES and REQUIRES a bog like condition, where it's literally sitting in water. So would you have to make adjustments to Mel's Mix? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Mel's Mix. However I know that there is no 'one size fits all' with soil mixture. What one plant loves for a soil mix, another plant will hate.

veggies love a loamy soil that is black and rich in nutrients. However most herbs prefer a mixture that is light on the fertilizer and dry.

It's just a point I'm trying to make.

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chudak(10 San Diego)

As you point out rice likes to sit in water. Not sure how you would do that in a SFG unless it was water tight.

Commercial rice paddies are flooded fields with poor drainage (e.g. clay substrate). Just prior to harvest they drain the fields to dry the soil out.

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Cute cat, I've been researching growing rice myself.
Going to use a kiddy wading pool.
Going to use soil and compost mixture, might add some peat.
Looks like it can be planted at the 9/ft or 16/ft settings.
I'm going to try both settings in the same pool, � & �.

Harvest isn't that great, 10lbs per 100ft�. Broken down to a per plant, that's only �oz per plant. Should be able to double or triple the lb/ft� harvest with the sfg method.

I'm just going to try and grow it for the fun of it, I do eat a lot of rice, but wouldn't be feasible to grow the amount needed.

ãÂÂç±³ã¨幸ãÂÂãªã‹¼ãÂÂãÂÂã³ã°ãÂÂãÂÂ楽ãÂÂã¿ãÂÂã ãÂÂãÂÂã ç¸
(Please enjoy the rice and happy gardening. Tanuki)
(Not quite how I wrote it, but it'll work.)

p.s. has Koshihikari rice.

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