Update of the ponds

atokadawn(7)July 10, 2010
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Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder what went wrong. Will go look into it.

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Hi. Is it a liner pond or concrete?
I like the fairies! How cute. And the 3 tier planter is a nice addition.
Got any fish or froggies in the pond?

Not sure if you're near the Knoxville area but there's a pond tour this weekend. Sunday is the last day; 1-5pm. There's a post on this forum if you are interested.

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My ponds are done with swimming pool liners from a pool place close to me. They let me have all I want from thier throw away pile. When I am ready to do a new pond, I just call them to see if they have done a repair job that week. I was able to do the smaller pond from one liner that that was doubled.

I am in the west Tn area.I wish I could go tho. I am adicted to ponds.

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I wondered what kind of liner that was. It looks white or gray from the pictures. Do you have trouble with algae NOT building up on it? Most pool liners have an algae inhibitor in the plastic. I'm using a pool liner in my lily pool and it will only turn black. It won't allow algae to grow...which is not a good thing.

We had a really good time with the pond tour. Lots of people showed up. I can talk forever about ponds. ;)

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I have never had a problem with the algie not growing in the ponds. Might be the age of the plastic. I do not know. I have tons in the big pond. The smaller white one is a newer liner as grandson "helped" move sandstone rocks and made a hole in the last one. LOL!
I am totally adicted to water ponds, features I have tons of containers of water "pots" as hubby calls them all over the yard.
SIL is ready to dig the next pond once the heat breaks for us.

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