Need to save my dying topiary

jackie_2006February 16, 2006


I received a beautiful Myrtle, Myrtus Communis - a mini topiary tree as a housewarming gift. I thought I couldn't go wrong, I was allowed to overwater it! I had to leave it in uncapable hands for a week while I was on vacation, but every since it's been back (1 month now), it's been getting progressively dryer. I'm afraid it's almost dead and can't find any information on the web of how to revive it if possible. My only knowledge is about "Miracle Grow", but for some reason, doubt that it will do the trick. Can anyone PLEASE give me any advice on how to keep it alive?

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You might try slipping the plant out of it's pot and checking the root system. Also do a scratch test to see if the tree cambium is still
green. If the root system is healthy and the tree cambium is still green I would just continue to give it a good soaking each and every
watering. I would not use any fertilizer; instead top it with fresh soil. Make sure it's receiving the strongest light possible. It should
resume growing once the weather warms up. Good Luck!

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Thank you for the advice! I did a scratch test - it's still green underneath and I checked the root system - I don't know what "healthy" should look like, but it looked good to me.... my instructions said "part shade", so actually, it hasn't received much sunlight at all, so maybe I will do that (but by putting it by the window, will it be too cold?)

Thanks again, I appreciate the advice!

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"Healthy Root System" ;- The root ball should be almost full, roots not brittle, damaged or dry, the roots should be loosely
entwined rather than tightly meshed, and hold the soil together and without an unpleasant odor to them.

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