creating rooted lavender cuttings?

mediadiva(Zone 7)February 22, 2004

I am attempting to make some, any advice? I want to have the lavender as an INSIDE plant!

Here are pictures of my attempting to do it:

Is there a way to order rooted cuttings online??

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Clare(z6 MO)

Hope you will be able to supplement with strong light if you want to grow lavender indoors.

I have had luck rooting tiny tip cuttings of very tender, new growth, only two leaves. There is probably no advantage in that over starting from seed, apart from cloning a plant whose habit is particularly pleasing.

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i want to take a cutting of a lavenderplant and try and grow it will it root and how do i root it. any ideas.???

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

I've had luck just pinching off a couple inches of Tips, and strip leaves from the lower portion, let dry just a bit, then tuck into sterile potting soil, set in bright shade. Don't overwater or put in a glass, or stems can rot.

I'm usually so busy I just tuck some of these into existing outside pots that get light watering often, and they often take root just fine, growing slowly at first, then they want to be planted in the ground sometime in the next year, (or a larger Pot) before they leap and take over the pot, if you started them on the fly in an already planted one.

People in the Portland, Oregon area can come get a bunch of cuttings from my lavender plants NOW to help shape them up!

I have Mustead cuttings that I just cut this morning. Such lovey soft foliage, I think everyone should have some. And like othetr lavender they take drought and neglect, as long as you trim them back in late summer or fall - to make more!

Rosemary & other shrubs too. So easy to do. Come get em!

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