Shrub type for Outdoor Topiary

wendylane(9)February 7, 2006

Hello all,

This is my first post to this forum. I need some advice on selecting 5.5' - 6' shrub topiaries to plant on either side of my garage. I recently saw a very large-leaf, 3-ball topiary outside a home nearby but I have no clue what species it is. (The lot is gated and I couldn't get in to ask the homeowner what type of plant she has, but the leaves seemed almost curly like holly leaves curl.) I love the fullness of the leaves compared to the really small leaf type. However, we have direct sunlight on our garage at the hottest time of day, so I'm fearful about buying something that has no chance of flurishing in the heat. So my first priority is buy what will actually live and not get burned up by the sun.

If you have any suggestions of a species that can withstand very hot sun, planted in the ground, and possibly a large-leaf type, please pass them on. Thanks so much!

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Any shrub that has small leaves does better as training in my personal opinion ;- Myrtle communis, Rosemarinus officinalis
and Lavendula angustifolia. I love Nashia inaguensis and I am thinking it may just do well there too but check with your
local nursery for their opinion.

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Thanks for your response. I've since determined the type of large leaf shrub I wasn't sure of in my initial post: It's the wax leaf privet. What is your opinion about these as ball topiaries?

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Yes, I believe I spotted a few at the local garden center. Nice!

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