Martin's Nursery in Murf: Sale

connietnJuly 10, 2009

Mom went to Martin's Nursery in Murfreesboro the other day, and reports they are having a BOGO sale.

If you have not been and are within driving distance, it would be worth a visit. I finally made it up there a couple of months ago, and it made me sorry I had bought perennials anywhere else. They have an amazing selection of plants (or they did then...with the sale they may be getting a little more picked over). The plants are small, but priced right and very healthy. Perennials of every imaginable kind were about $2.50 for a 6" pot. You cannot beat that.

Mom ended up bringing home 25 plants for $20 the other day.

Someone was asking about good deals on perennials the other day. Here you go!

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Hmm, I wish I live d a little closer! Although I'm sure my wife is glad I don't!

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Thanks for posting this. It's a great place. I haven't been to a sale there--I'll head that way.

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What is the address of this place, I have to go up there next week to take my daughter to Freshman orientation at MTSU maybe I would have time, never know!


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Martin's Nursery
1020 NW Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129-2325
(615) 867-7121

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thanks, maybe I can sneak over there!!!!


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Yes, I meant to post this, too. It's great . . . I got 4 hostas for $11.90! I got Fried Green Tomatoes, Halcyon, Pilgrim, and one that was not marked but I think it's Elvis Lives as they had these earlier in the season. They were in 4 1/2 in. pots and seemed very healthy. I want to go back and get some daylilies this week.

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