Growing Decorative Gourds SQ garden

steve123_hcNovember 25, 2009

Looking to get some advice on spacing when planting decorative gourds. Not only spacing of the actual plants, when grown on a trellis, but I would like to have several rows of trellis'. How close can I place the trellis'?


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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

I can't help on the gourds, but I can definitely give some input on the trellis spacing. I have 48 running feet of trellises in my 215 sqft garden, and really get aggressive with the spacings. Some particulars about your bed(s), orientation to sunlight exposure, and a photo would help.


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Big gourds like dipper or birdhouse, I plant 6 feet apart. The vines get 15 ft long at least. Maybe with smaller (no actual experience there)gourds you can space them a couple feet apart in one place, closer in another. Sunlight on the leaves will control how many/how big the gourd crop is anyway. Too close they will shade each other. Good luck.

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