Correct way to trim/shape a topiary?

barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)February 20, 2008


I have a rabbit frame with a rosemary plant growing inside and slowly filling up the frame... I'm wondering how I should trim it? Do you let the plant grow out of the frame and trim it so that an inch of the plant is above the frame? I don't have a clue... thanks in advance.

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Barbara, Is it a chicken wire type frame? Is it an upright rosemary? If so, I start trimming it while it is a small plant inside the frame so it will branch out better within the frame. It may take months to fill it in depending on the size of the frame and the plant. I think if you were to let it grow out of the frame and THEN trim it, you end up with a bare middle.

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)


Yes, it's a chicken wire type frame, white in color. The plant itself has almost filled the body, and I've been "training" the stems to grow into the ears and arms and legs sections, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Barbara,

It does make sense. I think you are fine doing what you are doing.

Julie in Los Alamitos, CA

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