using vermiculite

Biglou1(7)November 6, 2011

Even Mel says that vermiculite is gods gift to soil ammendment. but have you seen the price of this stuff? well here is the solution, visit your local swimming pool supply you can buy a giant bag of the stuff for about 15.00. They use it as fill when they install in ground pools. I not only mix it with my soil but i also use it to cover my newly planted seedlings both in the greenhouse and in the garden (It makes it so much easier for those little guys to push through once they germinate.but be careful at first as it is very fine and lite and if the wind ias blowing don't attempt to apply it without safety glasses. After application you should initialy water it with a spray bottle.

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What brand is it? There is an spa sstudy showing substantial levels of asbestos in some.industrial brqnds and they also tested its ability to become qirborne.

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Mindyw3 can you please provide a link to the spa study you referenced?

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Still waiting for a reply, Mindyw3. I've searched everywhere.

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Try Google. It's not that difficult. Search: spa gardening asbestos vermiculite. I'm on a phone so its a pIn in the away to post a link. It should be the first or second page in the list if you setarch all those terms together.

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Spa equals EPA. My phone keeps changing it.

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There was a problem with vermiculite several years ago. The WR Grace company was mining vermiculite in Montana in a place where asbestos was present. Vermiculite ended up having some asbestos in it. The stuff was processed in Santa Ana, where I live. The vermiculite I see in stores now says "asbestos free" on the bag. Not all vermiculite has asbestos in it, just the vermiculite from that particular mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's Growing On?

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