Is bat guano or seabird guano good for tomatoes?

ameera(z11 Dubai)February 18, 2012

I bought some bat guano (NPK 3-10-1) and Seabird guano (NPK 1-10-0) to grow flowers in the summer here because I read that they do not heat up and burn plants.

I am wondering if either of these would be suitable for growing tomatoes.

Is there a specific time either of these would be perfect for fertilizing tomatoes? Or is there something I should mix with either of these to make a better fertilizer for the tomatoes?

The instructions say I can either sprinkle the guano around the plant or mix with water and water the plants.

I am already using an organic pelleted slow-release fertilizer with NPK ratio of 9-4.5-8.5, and also a liquid seaweed fertilizer as well.

I have two tomato plants that are already flowering and forming tomatoes (I think they are determinate types as they didn't get very tall--these were grown from seed that my mother-in-law got from store-bought tomatoes) and one seedling that was transplanted into its final pot 4 days ago (an Orange Minsk variety), so that one is still small, about 7 inches tall

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Yes, guano is an excellent organic fertilizer for use in a garden. Like other organics, it releases nutrients slowly. So you should add it now and expect results later in the season. Since it is not balanced, be sure to continue using your organic fertilizer, which sounds good.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

I am going to run some trials using it this Season in SWC containers.

Funny, but my two test bags from Roots Organic Corp. have an NPK of 9-0-0, and 15-0-0. I guess bats have a different "diet" depending on where in the World the guano is harvested.

I will be dispersing 1/2 Cup of it into 3 cubic feet of Potting Mix, along with the Dolomite Lime and fertilizer strip (2 Cups Tomato-tone).


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Raybo - I'm surprised you are only using 2 cups of organic fert. EB recommends 3 if using organic and some of the members suggest using more if the numbers are low, as it seems to me they are in tomato tone. PS: 3 more Brandywine from Croatia babys have just come into the world...... LInda (AKA Proud Mama!)

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rnewste(8b NorCal)

Hi Linda,

Glad to hear the B.f.C. are up and growing!!!

I am actually using a 50/50% blend of the Old Tomato-tone, with the New Tomato-tone. So, it is a bit more potent rather than just using 100% of the organic New Tomato-tone.

In addition to the Tomato-tone, I will supplement with Grow Big and Tiger Bloom ferts during the Season.

Now getting the EarthTainers prepared for plant-out March 1 this year. Been a VERY warm Winter here - in the 70's for the next 10 days.


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Thanks Ray, I thought that was the case. I supplement also but I am going to use at least 1 cup organic mixed in and two cups in the strip. I may use more since the Garden Tone I have is something like 3s and 4s for everything. Cant remember if its 4-3-3 or vice versa. Going to be a great week here too, in the 80s!!! I planted out early March last year but we all had such bad spring storms I am planning on late March thru April staggered plant out. Probably will plant a Moskvitch and maybe SunGold earlier. LInda

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