Another Killer Haul at Lowes in Clarksville

teejay2039(7a)July 1, 2010

Man, i really need to stop going to Lowe's when I get off work at 7:00 am! i pass right by on my way home from work & I get there when they're putting out the clearance plants..... and i'm fast running out of yard space!!


Last week I got 27 white lilies, (yes, 27) 2 red ones, and 12 Penstemon for $1 EACH, along with 3 knock-out rose bushes for $5 each. Thought I was done. Stopped today to get ONE May Night Salvia (to replace one i lost last week d/t over-watering), and the clearance rack started screaming my name b4 I even made it out of the car!

I scooped up 3 Blue Mirror Delphinium, 3 Heleboros, 2 Moreno black eyes Susans, 2 Meringue coneflower, and 1 Pink double Delight coneflower..... ALL FOR $1.00 EACH!!!!!!! A LOUSY DOLLAR!!! ARE THEY INSANE??? LOL

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Sounds like Utopia to me. I also succumb to the mystical powers of the Lowe's clearance rack. Anytime I find a decent perennial for $1 it's going home with me. Congrats!

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I hit the clearance racks here in Knoxville too. Don't ya just love a bargin!!!!
But they aren't marking them down as much here as at your store. Yet.

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We recently vacationed in St. Louis and I hit a Lowe's 3 evergreens for $1, some variegated yucca for 3.62 and a pygmy barberry for 4.25 (reg. 16.50!) I was esp. thrilled over the $1 evergreens...last winter when the yard was devoid of a green leaf I was wishing I had more. What better way to do it on the cheap.

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