Metallic Tasting Cucumbers

kitasmommie(7)July 16, 2010

What causes this?

My neighbor has an abundance of cucumbers this year & has been overwhelming me daily.

I wash them well & I know he doesn't use any chemicals or pesticides, but some (not all) have this awful metallic taste.

doesn't seem to help any when I peel them.

Now, I'm tasting them first & end up throwing about half of them away due to this metal taste.

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Do both ends of the fruit taste the same?

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Honestly haven't checked to see if it's both ends - but the first time I noticed it was when I had sliced one & ate a slice from the middle.....

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yes - both ends......the whole thing

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Have you talked to your neighbor about this? I've had very bitter cucumbers before due to hot dry conditions but nothing like what you described.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I googled it, just to see what came up. One source said it was due to lack of moisture in the fruit and could be eliminated with proper watering. I saw multiple reports of this phenomenon in the search results, but low moisture was the only explanation I saw.

Here is a link that might be useful: by Charles Phillips, Ag Extension Agent, Columbia County GA

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