Plant Choices for Topiary Frame

llm918(z5PA)March 13, 2004

I'm looking for something to plant outside of a topiary frame. The topiary would be set in a mainly sunny area.

I am looking for something with a small dark green leaf, and if it gets flowers that would be OK, but I prefer small flowers - but not yellow. I know I can use Ivy, but I know from experience that many types of Ivy can be invasive. And if I do use Ivy, I would prefer something that would stay tight against the form and that won't grow too wild looking thus hiding the form that I've attempted to create. I'd like to put the form in place and grow the plants in the ground at the base. I've considered Morning Glory for this, but if anyone could offer me any different options I'd really appreciate your help.

Thank you. LLM

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tikiangi(z8 portland,or)

If you are worried that ivy is invasive, forget the morning glory. It is very very invasive. If you bump into it, it sprays seeds and then you will be overrun.
Try a passion flower vine or clematis. Or even honey suckle would be nice, and fill in with a slower groweing plant for variety. Lucifer's blood or lucifer vine is very pretty with feathry light green foliage and bright red blooms on the ends. It is a great hanging plant.
I have used an ivy that was a sweetheart variety that grew very slowly.

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