Amish produce auction in Ethridge, TN

sandsquid(7a)July 27, 2008

In case any of you are looking for a nice road trip...

Just got back from a trip to Etheridge, TN (70 miles South of Nashville.) A good friend (and fellow winemaker) is the "English" auctioneer for the Amish community there.

469 South Brace Road, Ethridge 38456

Auction is at 11:00 every Monday Wendsday and Friday morning

Open market All day saturday.

Everything is absolutely fresh, picked that morning!

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Blackberries; 1 flat (12 pints) for $15.00

(We got 4 flats, enough for 8 Gallons of Blackberry Wine ;-)

Habanero peppers 5 Pounds/$2.50 (only able to get 5 pounds)

Jalapeño peppers 5 Pounds/$2.50 (we got 15 pounds)

Cayenne (green) 15 Pounds/$2.50 (we got 10 pounds)

Cayenne (red) 10 Pounds/$2.50 (we got 5 pounds)

After talking at length with some Amish I came to learn something about taking pictures.... Amish consider posing for photographs to be an unacceptable act of PRIDE and do not allow pictures of themselves for this reason (NOT that they believe it will steal their souls.)

The Amish will usually allow you to photograph their homes, farms, and buggies if you ask respectfully, but even this can be intrusive and is better avoided.

Being friends of a "trusted Englishman" we were invited to the home of Mr. Moses Hersberger and had a wonderful visit, but just the same upon pulling it their driveway, they all turned away or bowed their heads until they were sure we were not "English tourists taking pictures".

Can you ladies imagine (9) yes NINE children between 6 and 17 years old, and that was just the ones we could count! And so well disciplined and well mannered... I wish I could leave my kids there few a few days.

Well gotta go to W_l*M_art and get some canning jars!

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maternut(7 west tn)

Just have to ask this question, what the heck are you going to do with 35 pounds of hot peppers? Don't tell me fermentation is planned for them.

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No, I have plenty of jalepeno wine bottled and smoked habanero fermenting. This is for pepper jelly!

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madmouser(7 TN)

I want some! I love pepper jelly. I'll have to look for peppers at the farmers market.
The markets have been amazing this year after last years drought. I'm getting so many wonderful veggies, particularly heirloom types. Also want to make some Tomato Jam this year.

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the pepper jelly didn't gell but it's still yummie.

You bring a quart of tomato jam I'll bring a quart of jalapeno jelly to the fall swap... It'ss be great on teh pancake breakfas!!!

Now if we could just find some local raw honey....

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

I looooooooove pepper jelly. Especially RASPBERRY pepper jelly. YUM!

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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

Jim and I went to the auction starts at 1PM, not 11. We didn't stay. Everything was in such big lots that there was no way we could use it. For example,I couldn't buy 15 canteloupes at one time...I think this is really geared for produce markets and farmers markets, or maybe if you can find something you want you could go in with someone else to use it all up...maybe canning between a couple of people. I'd like to go back on Sat. sometime and see what it is like.

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Bummer on the time, my apologies!

IF you do go, make sure to say "HI" to the auctioneer, Mr. Wade Clark, he's a good friend of mine and a great person in his own right. (as is his wife Paula ;-)

Also the stuff is SO fresh it will keep an extra week past what you would expect if you got it at Kroger.

(We got one of those big bags of cantaloupes and they were still great two weeks later.)

as you can see here, we really stock up on stuff when we go:


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We're up and running again this year, 2010! Sold our first strawberries last Friday! Selling lots of tomato and pepper plants right now. And yes, on most things there's a 4-box minimum. We sold nearly $1,000,000 in produce last year... can you imagine how long that would take without a 4-box minimum! But there's also a long row of tables full of items priced for outright sale vs. auction, and there's no minimum there.

When Sandsquid first came to the Auction it was at 11, but was changed to 1pm a few years ago.
Stop by and say "Hi!" It's every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1pm, from late April to the end of October.

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Do you have any produce for sell and if so, what? Please let us know we drive from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to pick it up. Thanks.

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Looking to buy a large quantitu of produce and flowers. When will some be available?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

This thread is not a contact point for the market! Sandsquid was just reporting the existence of it. If you guys want to buy produce, go check it out for yourselves.

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like to know next auction schedules

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Ken et al.:

You can contact the action managers at the address below for more info.

Lynn or Jim Ward, Managers
469 South Brace Road
Ethridge, TN 38456

Phone: (931) 829-1114 or Home (931) 829-3361

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to info about the place

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Just found this site again.
The 2013 season is up and running. It lasts April through October, Mon, Wed, Fri 1pm, plus a Saturday Farmers Market.
It's under new management this year. The new managers are:
Wade and Paula Clark 931-244-4326 (yep, that's us!)
Come by if you can! Strawberries are in!

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We went to Ethridge Wednesday and did a buggy tour. We didn't have a chance to go to the produce auction but plan to do that soon. We live about an hour away.

My question is about the consignment sale. We were told that every couple of months or so there is a consignment sale in the same location as the product auction. Wade, do you know when the next one will be?


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Hi Dijoy,
We have an annual consignment auction every October. Last year we had 7 Auctioneers going from 9am until almost dark, big event, thousands of people, hundreds of Amish. This year it's Saturday October 12th. If you've never been to one you've never seen anything like it! Everything from chickens and horses to furniture, household, horse-drawn implements, guns, tools, antiques, you name it. Next year we may be doing it more than once a year.
Right now, selling lots of strawberries!

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