marglobe tomatoes

joewormFebruary 24, 2012

are marglobe tomatoes worth growing?

how do they taste?


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It is an old time canning tomato. Taste and appearance similar to Rutgers, Stone, Quarter Century and other round reds of its vintage. Very popular up to the 50's.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree with the above and it still remains a must grow standard with many growers today, especially those who prefer to grow determinate open pollinated varieties. Good crack resistance IME.


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I grew these and thought they were just so-so in taste. Nothing special, not worth the effort for me to grow in containers.

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I grew them two years ago... very uniform and no cracking at all. No blemishes. I used them for canning. I am not growing them again, only because I am still testing other varieties before I settle on my favs.

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This is only my second year gardening and I was again preparing to grow seedlings from the seeds I had purchased from the store. I am from florida and have awful soil and almost forced to purchase potting soil or compost. Last year I spent a good amount of money on my hobby and much of it was on compost and potting soil. This year I planted many seeds but planted them in large pots (10 in to one that is about 2 ft across). I filled them up nearly to the top with oak leaves and put about 4 inches of potting soil on top. This seemed to work well and made my potting soil go five times further. The first seedlings I move to a plastic 16.9 water bottle with the top cut off (the top I use in the garden as a watering tool (two per plant with a little compost to slow the flow and provide nutrients to the roots. I have run out of garden room and have started growing plants in six inch pots. Some of the original had been moved to six in. pots with the leaves on bottom and sides and seemed to work okay. I have since started growing a lot of my plants like that. Anyone have any knowledge on this topic?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

tominflorida looks like you should start your own thread

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If you want a lot of uniform tomatoes this is it. Well worth growing, especially to can for stewed tomatoes, whole tomatoes, juice or salsa. I would prefer a dryer paste tomato for my thick Italian sauce, though.
Last year, I must have had at least fifty pounds of of one plant, then, the plant actually made a start by leaning over and rooting a branch, I had a whole another plant and another batch!
It's a very nice determinant. I messed up my seeds this fall and lost them or I'd be growing a couple this year.

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At one time last year I had over 75 tomatoes that I counted in various stages of ripening on one plant!

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