Tamarack into a topiary

Iollainn(z5 NB)April 12, 2004

I have been triming two tamaracks into a topiary for 3 years now, they is about 6 1/2ft tall, ball shaped with bare trunks. Has anyone ever done this and for hwo long? These grow into big trees and i am surprised that they are healthy and thriving so far. I trim them in the spring and fall, and i pinch off new growth on the trunk a couple of times in the growing season. I've got many compliments on them and people wonder what they are.

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No, but I want to congratulate you. It's of the pine family and yes Pines are good candidates for topiaries, especially ball shaped ones.


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Iollainn(z5 NB)

I have to confess, one is a ball shape, the other is kind of an umbrella shape (my favourite), i've let it hang down more at the sides, but i think 'ball shape' when i'm trimming. I don't suppose topiary's will last that long unless you let the height grow?

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I'm not sure what you mean. Are you concerned that you cannot maintain the shape & size? Don't be because from your description, you are doing quite well. Pines have been a favoured choice in bonsais you know, which is a form of living sculpture and there are several examples that are alive after more than 100 years. So, keep going. If you are really concerned about it, you can do research under the topic of topiary (of course) and also try bonsai because most literature about it will show you how they trim pines.

Good luck.

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