topiary balls

TJBABY(Z7NC)April 12, 2003

New to topiary's - need some help. I want to make large and small topiary balls - what type of wire do you suggest. I tried chicken wire - it was very difficult to work with and I couldn't seem to master making a ball?? any help would be appreciated

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klynnnn(z8 SC USA)

What about some wire around a solid ball form (like a bowling ball or something similar depending on what size you want) ... I'd use 10-14 guage wire, which is pretty sturdy, and about 6 to 8 pieces of wire curved around the whole ball form and then secure with a finer wire and use a stick or twig to secure the ball to the stem ???


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lois_scissorhands(z78B.C CAN.)

stake your stem,and remove branching to the desired hieght.
this is the best time of year to start.
a globe is the easiest shape to prune. start by shearing
it lightly, when it starts to grow in you can cut it a little harder. remember to shear it from all sides to attain the perfect ball

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Unless they're for a specific purpose, why don't you try making something more interesting? Balls are way over-rated if you ask me. I know that they are a nice beginning project, but I wish more people would push it a bit beyond, if you know what I mean. So much time and effort goes into a topiary, it might as well be unique!

Sorry for the rant, but I do custom topiary work and it just seems that everybody wants the same thing. I once shaped topiaries into balls for a tree farm, until it just about drove me crazy..

Perhaps I did one too many.

- Laurel

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mediadiva(Zone 7)

yeah but the ball is like a little black dress, it always works in a room :P

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