I need help making a creeping fig topiary

peachpie1001(6 MD)May 2, 2004

I just planted three topiarys in hypertufa pots with creeping fig. I made ball forms from grapevine and stuffed the balls solid with sphagnum moss. Now I'm wondering if I should have just lined the forms with moss and added some potting soil on the inner part. Can someone solve my dilemma soon as I can adjust before things root. Thanks

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Where exactly are the figs planted - in the pot itself or on the ball. If it's on the ball, you will definitely require soil inside to let it take root and access nutrients. If it is rooted in the pot and it's been trained around the ball, then it's unecessary. I used to live in the tropics and these plants were used to cover the walls of fences just the way ivy works.

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