Help! My monkey is sick

Cflower(US)May 30, 2005

I have a monkey topariry that my son got me a few xmas' ago and there is no longer any ivy on it and the birds or squirrels have picked out the moss. Can you tell me how to replace the moss. They have "monkey hospital" at the place in Houston were it was bought but just to put back the moss starts at $25 and that doesn't include the ivy. I'm wondering if I can use the moss I have and fishing line (that's what they used) and reform it. Have you ever done anything like that. I will try and go take a picture of it to post. Also, how do I get the ivy in it. It is solid and it isn't like you could put a whole ivy plant inside.

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Here are pictures of the monkey form

Here is a link that might be useful: Monkey Toparary

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Okay I think I know why this happened...

Some topiary frames use smaller wires to hold the shape of the animal. This allows the moss to be held by the frame alone and for soilless mixes to fill in the cavity. In your case, the shape is created by a core leaving minimal or no room for the soil... To know how it was put together, you may need to pry it apart... But my guess is that this wasn't meant for long term planting. Possibly only for seasonal use. If you wish to revive it, get some moss sheets available from garden centres, take your fishing wire and start wrapping the frame with it -- while doing so, take a soilless mix (add water retention agents) and then replant your ivy as you go along tying it down with your fish wire. You will need several plants to fill this up. However, I would strongly suggest looking for alternate plants that don't produce a lot of roots and a very tolerant to dry conditions.

Hope that helps.

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