Help! I think my Eugenia Topiarys may have powdery mildew!

KarlaMB(central Alabama)May 6, 2005

Last week, I purchased 2 Eugenia Topiarys. Two days after getting them home, I noticed a white powdery substance on the leaves. It rubs off very easily and resembles little circles of baby powder. Could this be powdery mildew? My topiarys are in a location where they receive daytime shade and evening sun. Now, the leaves are turning brown and dying in certain spots, and it seems to be spreading... I'm not sure if they're dying because I'm not watering them enough, or if they have powdery mildew. If it is powdery mildew, can anything be done to save my topiarys? How often should Eugenias in containers be watered? I'm watering every other day... Please help! They're fading fast! Thanks!

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Could be mildew as you suspected. I've lost several begonnias that got struck by it during winter. My suggestion is a treatment of fungus. Powdery mildew will occur even when it's relatively dry - which was the case of my begonnias. I didn't bother with treatment though since I thought it would be a lost cause and begonnias are going to be easy to replace.

How often to water? When the soil looks and feels dry and all that depends on the size of hte plant and the container. Maybe that's twice a week. More in warmer times.

Get a good anti fungal spray and treat your plants this way. Just water consistently at the roots (not leaves) for the meantime until the problem is resolved.

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