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Vincent Portland OR - 8: sunset 6May 9, 2000

I'm looking around the internet for interesting and unusual topiary, haven't had a lot of luck with the search engines yet- Anybody have links to websites or -pages that might be fun?

I've written the owner about posting photos here but haven't heard back yet- maybe it's a memory concern with the computers.

Promise I won't be stealing pics, just want to see more!



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Carolyn - 6

Here's my little page on the Praying manthis I grew this winter as part of green thumb program sponsored by our Flower Show. I won a blue ribbon! I still need to post the pictures from the show.

Here is a link that might be useful: praying manthis

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Vincent Portland OR - 8: sunset 6

Carolyn I love it!
Talk about the 'Good Bugs'!

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Janeen Rodgers - TX8

WOW - Carolyn I love your bug. It would be great if I could grow something like that in my Kindergarten class room. Where did they get the frame?
Keep up the good work!

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I made this square-shaped, succulent topiary. The only hard part, for me, was working with the wire, I guess that takes practice. I am going to try and make a ball and maybe a triangle, then hopefully graduate to making an animal one day.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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kari(9 fl)

beautiful succulent topiary floraba!

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Janet - MA

I went to Longwood Gardens in Del. and took pictures of their topiary bushes. When I got home I cut one of our front bushes into a big chicken just using the picture. It worked. Now I am also trying to come up with more shapes. Our neighbor cut part of their hedge coming up from the beach into a chair. And another part into braided rope.

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kris - 7

There is a great book out called the New Topiary- Can't think of the author right now. It is loaded with ideas.

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