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mylab123(z5NW)May 20, 2005

I don't know where to post this question! If another forum is more appropriate and would receive more replies, please advise me of this.

I live in southwest Idaho, on the edge of the desert, zone 5 or Sunset 3. I have good irrigation water at my disposal using underground sprinklers.

I purchased some boxwood - True Dwarf Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa.

I want to make a very small, easy caring for parterre garden by my entry way. It would be no more than about 15 feet long by about 4-6 feet wide. The boxwood would edge it.

What easy care plantings should I put inside? I've heard of bulb parterre gardens - is it possible to plant a season to season variety (what kind) of bulbs that wouldn't need to be lifted and still look good, thus achieving an easy and carefree parterre garden?

This would be in full sun with a south facing wall as wind protection with a concrete walkway on one side of the boxwood and lawn on the other.

If not bulbs, can you give ideas for care free perennials that would do?

I'm on a budget, if that makes a difference!


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I don't think the topiary forum is the right place for this question. It really a question of which perennials, or bulbs can withstand drying wind and soil conditions. Being near a desert I would suppose the conditions would be semi-arid. Look around your neighborhood or the people in your town for examples of plant materials. Are bulbs common? If so, chances are it will thrive.


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