what kind of wire?

sydney - WYMay 15, 2000

I have three huge ivies that I want to train on a topiary form. I would like to make my own, but I don't know what kind of wire is typically used. If anyone can tell me what you use, I would really appreciate it. Especially if it is something I can find at the hardware store! Thanks so much, sydney

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Nandina - 8b

Because I love to work with large topiaries I have come up with a frame idea that has been most satisfactory and will support the weight of ivy well.
Visit building sites and you will find the metal strapping that is used to hold lumber together for delivery to the job. The metal straps make wonderful topiary forms. I decide what shape I want to construct and then drill holes where pieces meet and insert a very small nut and bolt to hold the pieces together. It is possible to design rather elaborate and strong frames this way. Also, it is much easier to train and secure ivy to this type of form.

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