shrub & tree pruining basics

gw409(6)June 3, 2012


i am interested in learning the basics of proper pruning.

when is the best time to prune to stimulate new growth, spring or fall? and am i correct in assuming that cutting out dead wood can be done anytime? when and how should pruning be done if the tree/shrub is going to be transplanted?

below are some of my intended projects, i am not sure whether the same technique will apply to every type of tree/shrub

1)basic white pine - looking to stimulate lateral growth on one and looking to transplant another in the fall

2)indoor ficus tree, looking to stimulate new growth on long top heavy branches which are very sparse in between.

3)azaleas - looking to train/shape one and transplant the other.

4) potted patio plant - butterfly maple, looking very weak and empty on one side

5)rhodenderon - ?

thank you all for your help

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There are some basic techniques to pruning that are fairly universal. As I was considering delving into proper methods and timing for each plant you asked about, I think the article I was using for reference may be more helpful for you. Take a peek at this link regarding pruning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning

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