How to Anchor the Form in the Soil?

newfiepaws(Zone 6A MA)June 18, 2003

I am COMPLETELY new to topiary. My first baby project is a simple ivy wreath that I am growing around a round form I shaped from a wire hanger.

I anchored the form in the soil with the "hook" part of the hanger, but it is not very stable. Any suggestions on how to anchor the form more securely?

Thanks for any advice!


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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

Hi Newfie,

A good answer just dawned on me after reading through this site. Why not use some easy concrete and make a base. That way, it won't fall over... you could even design whatever form out of bendable metal you want for your concrete casting.

All you need is some rolled metal, probably about 4" to 5" deep for whatever length you need so to complete your pattern. Since you have a wreath, you might want to make a simple circle.

Give some thought as to what element you associate with wreaths and shape your form after that. It could be shaped like a leaf or whatever. If you were to use QuikCrete, you could even dig up the form out of the dirt, then pour your concrete in and set your wires to hold the wreath up. How does this sound to you?

Here's another good idea if you haven't already thought of it. Add your own lights on it for Christmas along with a big outdoor ribbon. Of course, the rest of the year, you could even change it up. Why not make a heart out of something that you can hang from your circle and allow it to swing in the wind... just another idea to extend it's creativity. Anything to cause more compliments!


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