Standard Bay tree.

outdoorman(lincolnshire)June 17, 2003

I have a bay tree with a single stem and want to make the top into a ball shape. At what height do I stop it's upward growth and how do I make it into this shape?

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windswept_farm(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi- I have a bay standard that I started as a single stem also. It is about 7 years old and 4' tall in a pot with about a 16" ball. I was told to cut the main stem when it reached the height that I wanted then gradually trim up the stem leaving the leaves/side shoots that I wanted to form the ball. Also, keep cutting the suckers that come up from the soil. Once the side shoots start growing at the top of the stem, trim to shape the ball.

Hope that helps! I love my bay but we have a love-hate relationship. Every year I have to deal with scale on the plant but I can't bear to give up on it!


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I too have a bay I'd like to train. Please tell me the size of the pot your tree is growing in & where do you keep the tree during winter - North or south window?


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windswept_farm(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi Ianna-

My bay tree is in a 12" pot. Its been in that sized pot for quite some time. I try to freshen the soil every year when I bring it outside in the late spring. I always bring the pot inside in the fall as the temps get colder. Usually when frost warnings start.

I don't get enough southern exposure in this house so the plant stays in a western window through the winter. We will be moving soon and I plan to put it in a southern window when the time comes.

Hope that helps!


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Hi, Can any-one please give me some advice on 'Topiary '?
I have a very big Bay tree growing in my garden, in the earth, not a pot. I would love to cut it into a Peacock shape. Firstly, is this shape possible for a Bay ? If so, what do I do ?
With thanks to any-one who can help me,

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