Topiary Horse

fernsk(z2 Canada)June 1, 2006

I purchased a topiary horse [wire filled with moss] at our local Garden show in april and am about to pick him up. He is about 2-3 ft tall and 3-3.5 ft long - real cute. He already has some plants in him - all succulents. I thought that I would like to add some to his legs - does anyone have experience with this type of topiary?

Thanks for any suggestions


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You could plant creeping fig to grow up his legs.

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fernsk(z2 Canada)

Thanks for the idea of the creeping / climbing plant - I had to replant "Ed's" back with Hens & chicks because he had a tiny fernlike plant that didn't like the HEAT in my back yard - now his mane and tail [Ice plant] are flowering - it is really awesome


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topiary_joe(z7 TN)

The creeping fig is only good to 28'F, so try looking around at local native plants that always do better with less care than imports. Mosses work well under bellies, succulents in the sun,work with what came out of a local ditch - just find similar situations of what your plants will be enduring in your garden and apply.the bottoms of legs are always wet, so try a wet footed plant just to be different. Gotta have fun sometime, right?

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