Corn Spacing

BeesonDecember 1, 2013

In the "All New Square Foot Gardening", on page 205 for Corn, the recommended spacing is 4 per square. Really?? I would consider corn to be a large plant so that a spacing of 1 per square would be optimal for the highest yield.

If anyone has any results for corn spacing of 4 per square vs 1 per square, I would appreciate your reply. Thank you.

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There was an article that Mel did for Organic Gardening (Feb. 1996) that mentioned is he changed the spacing on corn. He has 4 seeds in one square foot. He says you get 64 ears of corn in 16 square foot. Also says "you can up that harvest to an astonishig 128 ears if you choose Early Sunglow, which bears two ears per stalk."

Suggest that you try it and keep good records. Next year try 2 per square foot and keep good records to compare. Use the same variety for both crops.

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