Ivy that likes Full-Sun?

zionadams(SW Utah)June 2, 2004

I live in the hot clay region of Utah. We currently have 110' heat, in the shade. I've got my potted topiary, with Needlepoint Ivy, pulled into the afternoon shade and so far it seems thrilled with life. (It actually seemed happy in the full-sun too, but it's in a huge pot.)

My problem is a pig topiary that needs to be planted and in full-sun. Today I picked up another Needlepoint, knowing I can use it somewhere, but am afraid it's gonna burn up planted in the hot ground with no shade.

What would you guys recommend in such an area? What are your favorite plants?

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zionadams(SW Utah)

I found the answer to my own querie, and thought I'd share the info. (Turns out I'm better off sticking with my Banks Roses for this location.)

Have fun!


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