Can you stand another newbie? Cham. pisifera Boulevard questions

MsLucy(7/maryland)June 19, 2002

I already started trimming my (once) gorgeous tree - we were left to hang by our landscaper - arggh. I'll try to post an 'after' picture tomorrow so you can see the scalping I gave it. BTW, it was planted early last fall and is about 7 1/2 feet tall.

Is there a specific name for this style of topiary? We call it the Dr. Seuss tree. With this species, is it important where you make the cuts? I mean can I just buzz cut, or should I snip selectively at or near a fork on the foliage? The existing 'balls' have much dried up dead stuff in the center of them. Remove it? How often should it be 'trimmed'? How about dead brown tips on green branches? And lastly, for now, does 'Boulevard' prefer acid or alkaline fertilizing? Thanks so much!

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Here's what it looks like now - only the top globe left to go.

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maine_gardener(Z 5 Me)

Can't answere any of your queastion. Just wanted to say you did a nice job I love it!

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lovemyhubby(5 IL.)

I also think you did a wonderfull job!! Way to go! Tasha

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dont know what these other people r talking about personally i think you have ruined what should b a perfect conical tree but then then i suppose each to their own

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