2013 Spring Garden Layout

brianSATX(8)December 30, 2012

I'm a second year gardener looking to expand my garden size. Any feedback on the layout - spacing, companion planting, etc?

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judging by you layout you have not read the square foot book or the spacing guides.

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Wow, yes I have read the book several times a few years back. I'm generally following an intensive planting scheme, so it's not exactly "square foot" gardening but I thought this was the most apt forum. I feel like my soil is in great shape now and can handle this type of layout.

Nonetheless, I've made quite a few changes since this post, based on feedback from other (facebook) gardening groups. A few noteable changes - I've dropped the corn altogether and moving some of the herbs (purple coneflower, calendula, lemon balm, chamomile) to a herb-dedicated bed nearby.

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