Plants for topiary in full shade?

Gale(3/4 NW ONT)June 10, 2001

I would love to have a potted topiary in a med. size pot that will grow approx. 3-4 ft. high.

Are there any plants that will tolerate full shade?

I'm not picky if it's hardy or not, as I am willing to overwinter indoors, as nothing will overwinter in a pot in my climate anyway.

I'm also willing to move the pot in the sun for a few hours per day, if that will give me a better chance of getting it to grow well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanx a Bunch, Gale

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It sounds as though you will have to do ivy topiaries. These will grow well in outdoor shade and move inside for the winter with ease. The very small leafed needlepoint ivy makes a wonderful topiary. You could also use creeping fig in the same manner. Do not be discouraged if it takes several years to 'shape up'. This plant can be slow getting started the first year.

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Gale(3/4 NW ONT)

Thanks for your reply Nandina! It's greatly appreciated!

Ivy sounds great! I was thinking, if I construct a wire ball on top and plant moss in it, it will be a bit more "pleasing to the eye" until the ivy takes off? I have alot of moss in my wooded area of the yard and will also grow well in the shade. Should I plant ivy on the top and bottom?

I have been admiring topiaries for years and finally want one of my own!

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I saw a site on Ivy Topiaries, I think it was, I think I'm not sure, they had a ton of ideas and a contact as well.

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My daughter lives in an apt complex 2 story high and she would like a topiary for outside her door which is all open but never any sun. I guess you could say outdoor hallways. She lives in Irvine ,Ca. I read you suggest Ivy any other suggestions? Thanks for your help, Ed Maccone

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