Lavender topiary?

tapewormmaki(z5 IL)July 26, 2004

Is it possible to make a lavender topiary? It seems to me that it grows a little like rosemary only more out from the nodes above existing leaves and less from terminal buds. What it the bes lavender to use and how could I overwinter it. I can't overwinter rosemary succesfully so I hope it's nothing like that.

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Most aren't suited for topiaries but there are the spanish types that I've seen developed as a standard. However, I have no information how well these plants will survive. Normally spanish types will not survive the winter in zone 5.

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tapewormmaki(z5 IL)

Could i keep one in a shed that's cold but frost-free?

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I truly don't know. My munsteads which are not suited for topiaries (unless a simple ball shape is considered one) requires sun exposure during winter. But munsteads are very hardy and can withstand minus 20-30 C temps.

Incidentally while checking my favourite herb supplier for an answer to this question, I discovered that what I call spanish lavender here in Canada is also known as french lavender in the US and vice-versa. Both types are tender perennials in our zone. I have the impression that they are greenhouse types requiring steady temps but not cold. I saw these plants in a greenhouse along with the bay trees and other tender herbs. I don't believe they were overwintered outdoors or elsewhere. Perhaps what you can do is to do a search on both french and spanish lavenders and seek answers to their overwintering needs.

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English Ivy, Boxwood, Lavander,creeping fig and rosemary are some of the best plants to train into ornamental topiary forms using the green plastic coated steel wire Topiary Frames

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